Enjoy Fish Here!

Enjoy Fish Here!

Though you can’t go wrong with other items on our menu, here at Article 15, we take great pride and care in serving delicious and fresh fish to our customers. When you come through our doors, you’re bound to enjoy mouthwatering walleye, pollock, shrimp, and/or cod, all prepared in tempting ways. On our menu, you’ll find the likes of garlic cod, breaded shrimp and cod nuggets, and did we mention ALL YOU CAN EAT pollock? Stop into Article 15 today to get your fix of tasty, tender fish, we are located at 10840 Wescott Lake Rd in Pound, WI. We are open from Wednesday to Sunday, check our website for our detailed hours.

Pollock (Filets or All You Can Eat)

White, flaky, and tender – it’s hard to say no to our delicious pollock, whether it’s a couple of filets or our all-you-can-eat size. Cooked to perfection, the flavor of our pollock is enough to satisfy you on its own, but with a condiment of your choice – whether tartar sauce or ketchup – it is equally as delicious. If pollock is your type of fish, you won’t be disappointed when you visit us here at Article 15. Come on down for some excellent pollock!

Cod (Garlic Cod or Cod Nuggets)

Though its texture is white and flaky like pollock, cod is another popular fish for its distinct and unique taste. Here at Article 15, we prepare our cod in two ways, with garlic flavor, and as nuggets. Both of these are solid options for anyone looking to satisfy their craving for fresh, delicious cod.

Fish Sandwiches

Looking to enjoy fresh fish with your hands? Look no further than our tempting fish sandwich options. On our menu, we offer pollock and walleye sandwiches, both served with lettuce and tartar sauce, and are served on a 6″ hoagie roll. Don’t miss out on these delicious fish sandwiches!


A veteran-owned and operated establishment, Article 15 is proud to offer various events throughout the year that commemorate our servicemen and women. If you’re in the Pound or Marinette County area, consider stopping by and visiting for delicious food, refreshing drinks, and a great atmosphere. Call or contact us today with any questions – we hope you see you here!

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