Taking a Look at our Customer Favorites

Taking a Look at our Customer Favorites

Here at Article 15 Bar & Grill, a veteran-owned and operated establishment, we pride ourselves on offering a truly enjoyable and satisfying experience for all who visit us – whether they are coming for eating, drinking, or for any of our popular events. On our menu, there are many unique options for you to choose from, including our specialty burgers, sandwiches, fried fish, appetizers, and many many more. Among these options, however, a select few have become definite customer favorites – and that is the focus of today’s blog. Read more below as we take a look at menu items that are the most popular with our beloved customers! Visit us at Article 15 Bar & Grill, located at 10840 Wescott Lake Road in Pound, WI.

Mushroom & Swiss Burger

As our menu has changed and evolved over time, our mushroom and Swiss burger has proven itself as a choice that continues to please the taste buds of our customers. It’s hard to resist the mouthwatering taste of a fresh beef patty topped with a luscious slice of Swiss cheese and a helping of delicious sliced mushrooms. Always a great choice for either lunch or dinner, there’s no question that our mushroom and Swiss burger is a favorite among our customers here at Article 15.

What Customers are Saying About it: “[The] mushroom & Swiss burger was absolutely incredible” says a 5-star Facebook Review of Article 15.

Fried Fish

Here at Article 15, we take our fried fish seriously. Always fresh and always delicious, our fried fish has become somewhat of a classic on our menu here at our bar and grill, thanks to overwhelming praise from our customers. While we often do fried fish as a special, we also offer it on our regular menu. Among our choices for fried fish are cod nuggets, walleye, perch, bluegill, breaded shrimp, and many more.

What Customers are Saying About it: “Fish was incredible” says a 5=star Google review from Robert A. “They have great fish every day” says another 5-star Google Review from Gina O.

Cheese Curds

An appetizer that is nothing short of a smash hit, cheese curds have pleased countless customers who have come into Article 15. A great choice for you and/or your party before your meal, nothing says comfort and satisfaction like the great taste of our cheese curds, which go well with any of our cold drinks.

What Customers are Saying About it: “Cheese curds and a nice cold beer – you won’t be disappointed” reads a 5-star Google Review from Connor T.

Visit us at Article 15 Bar & Grill

Our veteran-owned and operated restaurant is located at 10840 Wescott Lake Road. Visit us for your next meal or give us a call at (920) 897-3253 for more information!

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