The Importance of Food in The Armed Forces

The Importance of Food in The Armed Forces

Among the servicemen and women of our nation’s armed forces, you’ll find bravery, determination, grit, and as we’ll be focusing on in today’s blog, proper nutrition. Indeed, there is no question that the relationship between the military and food will always be incredibly important, as, to carry out the duties of our armed forces, a well-rounded diet is almost non-negotiable. In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at the role of food in the United States Armed Forces, particularly how service members are fed and the settings in which food is served.

Dining Environments & Facilities

For many active duty service members, particularly those residing on military bases, food can be accessed at communal dining halls, also known as mess halls. Generally, dining halls offer food that is suitable for most to all of its patrons, factoring in dietary conditions such as allergies.


For situations that lack shelter or security, MREs are a well-known staple of military culture and have been for years. An acronym for “Meals Ready-to-Eat”, an MRE is exactly as its title would suggest: it is a meal that can be eaten almost instantly with little preparation. These are ideal for when service members do not have access to dining halls or other facilities where food is available.

Increasing Nutritional Expectations

As the military itself continues to develop and improve over time, it appears that its food standards have similarly climbed. There is more conscientiousness in providing servicemen and women with higher-quality and nutritious food, while also being mindful of macronutrients (calories, fat, sugar, sodium, etc.) Healthier foods such as salads, fruits, and vegetables can be found in many dining halls on military bases.

Accommodations for Service Members

Much to the benefit of military service members, they will not likely find themselves mandated to a one-size-fits-all diet. Instead, most servicemen and women can find food that accommodates their specific dietary preferences and needs. This includes everything from food allergies to religious & medical exemptions and more. These accommodations are a crucial step in ensuring each individual gets the proper nutrition that they need.

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