The Stehleman – Where Veterans and Music Meet

The Stehleman – Where Veterans and Music Meet

Ever since our establishment here at Article 15, we have prided ourselves on being a veteran-owned and operated business. However, we are certainly not the only of our kind. To continue on with our series of documenting veteran-owned businesses, today we delve into the world of local music, where The Stehleman continues to make a case for the strong relationship between veterans and music. To learn more about this great group, including their origins, influences, and aspirations, keep reading below for more information!

The Stehleman At a Glance

“We are not a band. We’re just two people who love music”, Kris Stehle and Roger Kriedeman Jr. told us. Stehle and Kriedeman Jr. are the members of The Stehleman, and are powered by little else than their love and passion for music, performing songs that have meaning to them in one way or another.

The two don’t present themselves as a proper ‘band’ or even ‘guitarists’ for that matter, as they expressed to us, “we love to play guitars although we are not guitar players – there is a big difference.” Whatever you’d like to refer to them as, the duo has a knack for playing what their heart (and the audience’s heart) desires.

While many acts will use setlists to structure their performances, The Stehleman have a tendency to go with the flow. “We don’t use a set list. We like to play what the crowd wants to hear or what we are feeling at that moment. We love to interact with the crowd. The more the crowd sings and dances along, the more at home we feel.” This renders their concerts as both fun and interactive events.

Interaction & Improvisation with Audience

While Stehle & Kriedeman may not promise the professionalism or theatrics of some other acts out there, they vow to provide you, the audience, with a pleasant and enjoyable time. The two affirmed this by telling us, “we are not professional musicians, but we are professional at having a good time!” Indeed, at their shows, the audience having fun is of the utmost priority for the group, so much so that they’ll even try their best to play songs that are mutually agreed upon with the audience. “We like to play what the crowd wants to hear or what we are feeling at that moment.”

Influences, Origins, & What To Know About Them

When asked about their musical influences, the pair put it comically, “we are old souls”, as they channel country music legends such as Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Dolly Parton, and others. There’s no doubt that fans of classic country music will find enjoyment in their performances.

As for their origins as a group, The Stehleman’s background is rather humble, once again tying into their simple love for music. “We started to play around campfires and realized this was a lot of fun”, they explained, “people started asking us to play and one show led to another and another and here we are today.”

Kris began singing at age eleven at all types of local events, including fairs, festivals, restaurants and the likes, while Roger also picked up singing later on in his life, but ultimately favored the guitar as his primary instrument.

When asked what the public should know about them, they gave an earnest and well thought-out response:

“If you want to have a good time, come see us. We do this for fun, not for a job. We love what we do. We both are hardworking, average, everyday people who use music as an escape from that everyday hustle and bustle of life.”

Relevance to the Military

Roger, a veteran of the United States Marines, expressed to us the “indescribable” feeling that sweeps over him when crowds gather to sing patriotic songs. “There is an indescribable feeling that comes over us when the crowd all comes together, even though they don’t know who they are standing next to, but they will put their arms around each other and sing God Bless the USA together.”

In their performances, the group likes to give a nod to those who currently serve and have served in our nation’s military. “When we play, we always do patriot songs to honor our heroes who have fought before and who are currently fighting for our freedom [which] allows us to do so many things that we value.” The two finished by saying that they “understand the sacrifices ]of our military] and will always honor the veterans.”

They can be viewed on Facebook by clicking here.

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