Veteran-Owned Breweries to Know About

Veteran-Owned Breweries to Know About

Here at Article 15, a veteran-owned and operated business, we pledge to serve customers with delicious, mouthwatering food, and most importantly in the case of this blog, refreshing beer. One of our specialties here at Article 15, a quality beer pairs well with virtually every entree, whether it’s burgers, sandwiches, or even tacos. On the topic of beer, and in keeping with our theme of spotlighting veteran-owned businesses, today we’ll be taking a lot at some top veteran-owned breweries in the country. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information!

Backward Flag Brewing Co.

Backward Flag Brewing Company opened its doors in September of 2015, led by owner Torie Fisher, who decided to pursue her passion for craft beer after serving for thirteen years in the Army. Fisher learned the necessary brewing skills from a friend in her unit, ultimately opening Backward Flag in the small town of Forked River, New Jersey, where public demand for their craft beer has steadily increased since.

The namesake is a nod to the backward flag on the right shoulder of the military uniform. To Fisher, the name is an ode to the continued resilience of our military, which strives for accomplishment, drive, and success.

You can learn more about Backward Flag here.

14th Star Brewing Company

The beginnings of this company bring us to Afghanistan, where Steve Gagner roughly sketched the business plan for what would go on to become 14th Star Brewing Company. Upon his return home, Gagner worked with close friend and fellow soldier Matt Kehaya to ensure that their goal for opening a brewery would be achieved. In 2012, 14th Star Brewing Company was born, opening its doors at its first location at Newton Street in St. Albans, Vermont. A mere two years later, demand for their product would get so high that 14th Star upgraded from a 3.5 barrel system to 30 barrels, producing more of the same, quality products that put them on the map in the first place.

You can learn more about 14th Star Brewing here.

608 Brewing Co. – Representing Wisconsin

Established in La Crosse in our home state of Wisconsin, 608 Brewing is a certified veteran-owned business founded by a group of friends for your group of friends. “Our passions are simple”, reads the ‘About Us’ section on their website. “[We are] founded by a group of friends who have tasted the best in craft beer, and [we] plan to share our creations of big, bold, innovative beers with the La Crosse area.” 

You can learn more about 608 Brewing here.


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