What Article 15 is & How We Got Our Name

What Article 15 is & How We Got Our Name

We at Article 15 Bar & Grill, located at 10840 Wescott Lake Rd in Pound, WI, are a proudly veteran-owned and operated establishment and have been since the day we opened our doors in 2019. While our main commitment is to serve our fresh and delicious food and drink to our guests, we also feel the need to honor & remember those who have served our nation through events such as our annual Marine Corps Birthday Party and Memorial Day Party. In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at the namesake of our bar & grill – Article 15 – including its military origins, and what it means. We hope to see you here soon for your next meal or drink, check out our menu here or call us at (920) 897-3253 to speak with us!

What is Article 15?

Article 15 is a disciplinary process within the United States Marine Corps that addresses minor offenses committed by servicemen and women. Though the circumstances depend on different factors such as the severity of the infractions, Article 15 allows commanders to sort out misconduct in a way that is deemed appropriate. Some common forms of discipline include fines, restriction, lowering of rank, and extra duties. Punishments under Article 15 are considered non-judicial and are part of the Uniform Code of Military Justice – or UCMJ for short.

More About Article 15

Article 15 provides a number of rights and assurances to the accused. For instance, their side of the story must be heard, and they hold the right to remain silent, the right to speak with a legal counsel, and the right to appeal the disciplinary action taken against them. Additionally, if they choose to, the accused party can reject the Article 15 framework altogether and request a trial by court-martial as an alternative.

Who Can Implement Article 15?

Only the appropriate commanding officer has the authority to implement the Article 15 process. From there, the officer can determine what course of action appears to be the most reasonable and sensible to them.

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